Friday, August 20, 2010

Is anyone had the Trojan-mul-drop 10006 virus? If so, how did you get rid of it?

My friend actually had 5 viruses, including the one you mentioned. You might be lucky though, I had to re format the entire hard drive!

Try software like Mcafee, Comodo anti-virus.

Some viruses you have to go into the registry to finish getting rid of them and delete the entry.

My friend bought a trojan condom to school I know it was wrong of her but should I tell so she want

again if you think it isnt right to tell then I want??please help

My friend bought a trojan condom to school I know it was wrong of her but should I tell so she want do it?antivirus

no don't tell then if she does do it she wont have protection and suffer the consequences pregnancy ,stds aids your friend may not be making good choices but at least she is smart enough to know to use condoms good on her.

My friend bought a trojan condom to school I know it was wrong of her but should I tell so she want do it?computer

I think the best thing you can do is to educate her, so she knows that if she has sex and uses the condom she could get a sexually transmitted disease and die or become pregnant -- condoms are a false sense of security. Using a condom is like driving drunk and thinking you're being safe because you're wearing a seat belt. Get good information on condom failures here at

If that doesn't work, then yes, I'd tell.
Reading all your other questions I think its about time you started acting your age instead of your shoe size.

Pat, can I just say that your website link is vile, preachy and archaic. No offence, though, but I don't think it's relevant to this question.

My computer has a trojan viruse, how can i HEAL it??

how can i get rid of the virus or heal it?

My computer has a trojan viruse, how can i HEAL it??ariel

if only there's a trojan open my computer

then the drive in which your window's has been instaklled afterward open windows folder then registery,delete the contents of the folder permanentaly. then you can copy fresh contents from any another computer using pen drive or cd and your trojan is gone

My computer has a trojan viruse, how can i HEAL it??computers

You cannot heal a Trojan - you remove a Trojan.

1. turn off system restore is now corrupt.

2 do a free online scan here:

3. turn computer off then back on then turn system restore back on.
You can try to run Norton Antivirus but the fact is, if you didn't have it up-to-date or on your PC at may need to reformat your computer...ALWAYS keep this up-to-date.
Hi there,

More detail on the specific trojan you're struggling with would help us diagnose a solution to your problem, but in the meantime try Prevx2.0 which is easily one of the best (if not THE best) malware removers available today.

They also offer a Free Trial with full malware removal:
spybot search and destroy is free and free,it scan for trojans beside spywares and remove them.
if you have protection on you computer run a full scan on the computer and you can solve it
Essential Tools for Removing Spyware, Adware, and Malware
u should be able to delete it once u scan u computer with a virus protection program
Download AVG install it, run it %26 it will remove it -
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The story of the Trojan War in a nutshell??

beautiful woman (helen) takes off with paris

her husband gets pissed and goes to get her back

she refuses, a 10 year war breaks out

The story of the Trojan War in a nutshell??aurora

Really pretty lady is kidnapped.

Her husband follows her with an army.

They hang out outside the city for 10 years.

One night they pretend to split.

They leave a huge wooden horse at the gates.

The horse is brought into the city.

The guys hiding in the horse break out at night, let everybody else in and they massacre the Trojans.

To be continued in the Odyssey.

The story of the Trojan War in a nutshell??download

Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite asked Paris of Troy to judge a beauty contest and each offered him a bribe. He chose the one who offered him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife. Helen was the prize. Helen was married to King Menelaus, who was distressed that she moved to Troy to marry Paris. This offended a lot of Greeks, so they went to Troy and laid siege to the city for ten long years.

Finally, the Greeks built a giant horse and hid 100 soldiers inside, and sailed away. The Trojans thought the horse was an offering to the gods, so they brought it inside Troy in order to get the benefits of honoring the gods with the horse. That night, while the Trojans slept, the guys inside came out and opened the city gates, and the rest sailed back and wrecked the city.
Three goddesses compete for a golden apple addressed ''to the fairest.''

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  • What is a bla trojan horse?

    my norton antivirus keeps blovking it every like 6-9 days.

    What is a bla trojan horse?avast

    trojan horse is a keylogger-

    -keylogger is a key monitor-

    -it monitors EVRY key u press. e.g passwords,usernames and sends it to another computer.

    What is a bla trojan horse?ducati

    a virus go to this site download the antivirus and antispyware update both and run them in safe mode if its still there then go back and follow directions on deleting viruses manualy

    I got virus name,';trojan horse'; from internet,does it really affect anything of my compute

    my macafee is neither able to delete it,nor quarentize.

    what should i do?

    I got virus name,''trojan horse'' from internet,does it really affect anything of my computer data or function?computer repair

    MY advice....GOTO a pc Shop ..u have the WORSE virus there is ...and they have to go in and clean it out totally....And reinstall the programs.....So gl and The sooner the better

    I got virus name,''trojan horse'' from internet,does it really affect anything of my computer data or function?free antivirus

    get your computer on safe mode . . . I restarted my computer and then pressed F8 . . . once in safe mode, run a MCAFEE virus scan . . . it should locate the downloader trojan and get rid of it . . . then re-start your PC once again and it will be gone . . . try and their message boards for further info . . .
    I have had this virus get spybot search and destroy

    It is a great anti virus program.
    get AVG FREE
    Are you sure that ''trojan horse'' is the NAME of the virus and not just the TYPE of virus? You need to find out and then edit your question to have the NAME of the virus so we can help you figure out how to get rid of it.

    Also, the virus has disabled your McAfee software from not being able to delete it or quarintine it. That's one of the things that viruses do to your computer when it gets one.
    the trojan is destructive and worse is that you wouldnt know that much what it does... if your mcafee is not able to delete it then your back to the blue screen i guess... reformat
    Removing the infections can require special procedures to remove them. The hide in places in your computer that McAfee and other programs can't scan.

    Anyone knows about the trojan Horse TR/AGENT.AFI.6? I just got a laptop on ebay, and it came with it

    There is this window that pops up my screen everyday(MBS Account Manager), asking me to pay for a subscription to a porn website. But i am certain that i haven't subscribed to any such thing. The curious thing is that there is no reference to my name or my e-mail, or any personal detail mentioned when i am prompted. I've checked the date of installation, and it shows the same day i won the bid on eBay.

    Anyone knows about the trojan Horse TR/AGENT.AFI.6? I just got a laptop on ebay, and it came with it.?computer security

    This has been a long running saga which I have been following on various forums. Posted is a link to PC adviser thread which will tell you all you want o know and more.

    Long and short answer is that there is no evidence that this can be downloaded by stealth or backdoor, but rather does have a pop up with an accept button, asking if you want a 3 day trial of free porn site access. On clicking the accept button the software is downloaded and activated with a ticking clock. You are charged a fee if you do not cancel within the trail period, but the instructions on how to cancel are hidden well away, and in any case do not appear to work!

    As you have bought on eBay I assume that the previous owner did the above. From the evidence to date there is little point in trying to get this company to accept this though, as their business practises are not exactly an model of utmost good faith.